Second Place : Schenk-Woodman Competition 2016



Receiving second place, this project was a submitted as a proposal for the schenk-woodman design competition. The design brief for this competition called for a new design for subway station that ingratiated technology in an innovative way. This project quickly ran with using fiber optic cables as a method of gathering and transmitting information to the passengers and to the public passing by. Below is the text submitted with this proposal.


Competition Text:

This project asks the questions: How can we create a media platform that is both informational and spacial? What shape does that form take? How does that form express and elevate the function? The project weaves in a snapshot of the current physical, environmental, and social context via a series of fiber optic stalks. The stalks emanate light through a pulsating volley of changing colors and frequencies. The stalks weave together to create the wall, floor and canopy of the train station, while extended tendrils hover over the adjacent highway. The result is an interactive train station with a site-specific light installation that displays information across multiple layers, velocities, and times.


This project is immersed in a data-rich environment where the surrounding site conditions are measured by sensors and calibrated to create a responsive, communicative   shelter. Mimicking the form of a french braid, the fiber optic stalks extend and wrap the train platform, rails, and the highway, relaying information to different visitors at different speeds.  Through the actuation of collected data, precisely timed pulses of light transmit through the fiber optic stalks to create a sensorial, spatial experience. Using a smartphone app, visitors can engage with the data being transmitted through the stalks. The metro station transforms into a beacon of pulsating light and creates a new media display system. that is both interactive and spacial.

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