Situated Mask


In latin, persona is the same word for both Mask and Character. This project set out to explore persona and how to build it in physical form. In doing so, the project studies the relationship between architectural orthographic drawing and meaningful form. The result of this is to build the perception of architectural form for the expression a specific message and not towards, the post-modern approach, of ambiguity.

The project started with a renaissance painting, specifically Hans Holbein’s Lais of Corinth, for the purpose of extracting a persona and building a new object mask for a specific persona. By taking clues from the painting, new silhouettes were made to graphically embody the built persona in the painting. From the 2D graphics, volumetric transformations were made and tested for their formal expression. The result is an architectural form, of a mask, that can be perceived for its specific expression.




I walked down the street and people are impressed. I am the focus of attention and I need people to want more. I’m walking with a purpose tonight. I walk into my usual place. The space is dark. spot lights highlighting the different fraction of society. All are in attendance. I immerse myself amongst the crowd, wanting to appear close but still at a distance. I am well versed in the arts and I can speak to almost everything. While I have the knowledge, I am not very interested. I want people to see that I am wearing the most expensive clothing but never want anyone to see what I am most comfortable in. Making small talking, I peak interests. I am a snake, able to slither undetected yet able to I strike at any moment. Some one comes to close. I assess the situation. I allow him to come closer. I appear nonchalant, yet I am hyper-aware of my surrounding. He gets closer and closer, being lulled into my glaze. Then at his most vulnerable, I strike!

Too bad he seemed like a nice guy."


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