Aweful Beauties: Part II

In collaboration with Adam Schroth

As a continuation of the material and architectural studies started in part I, this project moved forward and proposed a new opera house and gallery space for the Astoria neighborhood of New York City. As a basis of the design, the project began to design the programmatic fragments of the project, the 800 seat proscenium theater, 600 seat theater in the round and 15,000 SQFT of gallery space. Doing this allowed the project to continue the dialog created in part I and put into tension the systems of human-based program against its method of construction.

The overall organization the building kinks creating prominent frontage to the Hudson river and the street. This kink allows the opera house to be fed from the side and creating a world of ramps and major processional space through the building. The newly created architectural tectonic is then wrapped around this organization creating a dialectic between hard and soft, natural and artificial.




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