Aweful Beauties: Part I

In collaboration with Adam Schroth

As the first of two parts, this project was interested in investigating an architecture and design agenda as a series of architectural becomings rather than explicitly describing what an architectural design can be from the very beginning. Against the prescriptive, we hoped to challenge our habitual understanding between the intersection of form/object and its "material" properties; becoming an active agent in the formation of new and alternative material realizations. In this way, the project proposes an architecture that attempts to question and bring to light the difference between what is perceived as “natural” against what is “artificial”; putting these two concepts back into tension.

In this way, we assert that the very notion of "Nature" requires repositioning. Perhaps more than a mere fusion of anthropogenic and organic matter, an act that establishes a clear boundary between the two, the synthetic might well be found through operations in which the unknown is actuated. What is natural then? Does it not entail a categorical understanding of our animate world? Or rather a decomposition of boundaries that place humans at the helm?

Our synthetic nature, that this architectural design proposes, is founded upon operations of decay, rot, calcification and weathering and uses as its method of representation a dialog between material study models and architectural details.



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