This project is a continuation of study that looks at how architecture can be speculated and formed into a new reality and ultimately question, formally and representationally, what is ‘the real’? The project is titled new, old, object because it looks into a realm of objects, and architecture, that has the qualities of both, new and old, but can’t be categorized as either. These new old objects put into tension the existing architecture while giving the users a sense of spectacle, that the new design proposes to bring. 

The project is a renovation, and re-conception, of Stuyvestant Town, specifically the 4 Stuyvestant  Oval, located in lower Manhattan, NYC. The existing site, that the project is apart of, is made up of monolithic cruciform buildings that are made up of self-similar one, two and three bedroom apartments. The project takes the liberty to speculate on a new future of Stuyvestant Town by proposing that this design to be completed and occupied in 2036, exactly 20 years after the design was completed. The proposed design questions the program and spacial organization of the housing by speculating on potential new users and new functions. The design from the initial massing, formal articulation, interior scheme and material specification all work together to put into tension the existing architecture while updating it into a new future and a new realism.



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